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Korean Hot Pepper Paste 1Kg

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  • Taeyangcho Gochujang (Hot pepper paste)
  • Size: 1 KG
  • Deeper flavor of Gochujang - Top Grade Red Pepper
  • Spicy and delicious
  • Long term fermentation and aging 
  • Tip: Make Traditional Korean Dishes with this Hot Pepper paste, such as Bibimbap (Korean mixed rice with vegetables) or use to marinate Spicy Korean Chicken!
This spicy chili paste is commonly made from Gochu-Garu (Korean Chili Flakes), dried fermented soy bean power (Meju garu), Sweet Rice powder and salt. After fermentation process, the paste starts to get rich and and flavored. Use this paste in your cooking recipes to create a tasty Chili experience!