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Shinil Traditional Clay Pot

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  • 100% natural glaze
  • Made using only natural materials, it is toxic-free, chemical-free, lead-free, Eco-friendly, and food safe.
  • Longer heat retention to enrich and bolden deep flavors. Essential for stews, soups, braises, rice and other hot dishes.
  • Manufacturer: Hye-sung Dogi



  • (HKC-107) XS: 120 mm
  • (HKC-108) S: 123 mm
  • (HKC-109) M: 143 mm
  • (HKC-110) L: 162 mm
  • (HKC-111) XL: 176 mm
  • (HKC-112) XXL: 178 mm x 96mm
  • (HKC-113) XXXL: 196mm x 101mm 

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