E-jen Fermentation Container



Different sizes of the Round Ejen Container


There are many vessels to choose from when you’re looking to ferment or store your Kimchi. However, none provide the best taste and freshness as Perfect Kitchen’s E-Jen Premium Kimchi Containers
Perfect Kitchen’s easy-to-use containers allow for effective and essential product storing and fermenting kimchi while also being very versatile in its usage of pickling vegetables and making delectable sauerkraut. The inner pressing plate used in our products minimizes the air inside allowing for an anaerobic state which promotes the healthy growth of probiotics. Not only are we apart from competitors due to our essential pressing plate, but we also have an effective double lid design that blocks odors and smells. 

E-jen Fermentation Body and Silicone Lid

Perfect Kitchen uses a perfectly crafted blend of ancient Korean earthenware principles and modern technology with the highest quality polypropylene plastics to make the suggested fermenter for the general public. 
It’s hard not to boast when Perfect Kitchen provides a top-tier product enabling you to store, ferment, and pickle, but we must continue by ensuring the safety of our product. Perfect Kitchen’s E-Jen Premium Kimchi Containers are food safe, dishwasher safe, freezer safe, microwave safe, heat and cold resistant with all materials being BPA, DEHP, and lead-free!


All sizes of rectangle Ejen containers

Why leave your kitchen mediocre when you can have the Perfect Kitchen

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