Luminarc Glass Pots


Your kitchen can become the Perfect Kitchen with the addition of our Luminarc Glass Pots! You’ll never purchase a different pot after using the Luminarc pots and seeing the amazing perks that come with them. 

Perfect Kitchen’s Luminarc Glass Pots are made of a non-porous glass-ceramic material with extremely fine pores benefitting your meals:

  • No absorption of food odors or flavor 
  • No reaction with acid-base foods



Luminarc Glass Pot Body




You can boil things effortlessly with the strength of 450 degrees and you can even cook, freeze, and reheat ALL IN THE SAME POT. Like we love to tell our customers, this pot is travel friendly. From the freezer to the hob, from the oven to the table, and from the fridge to the microwave!

These pots offer an odor-free, strain-free, easy to clean, nickel-free, and safe for allergies cooking alternative. Need any more convincing? The Luminarc Glass Pots are also scratch-resistant and offer design patterns on the bottom of casseroles. 



Luminarc Glass Pot 3L with vegetables inside



Made in France. Distribution Subsidiaries: Arc Distribution Korea Ltd. Website:

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