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Families are growing at an unmatched rate as they begin to add animals to their homes. When you go to the pet store, you’re faced with plenty of options to choose from in terms of toys and supplies but the truth is: they will never make the perfect pet supplies as PawfectPals will. 

Want to Bring your Fur Family Outside with you but are Scared the Weather is Overbearing?

We wanted the same thing. To give our pets the most comfortable setting while fulfilling our wishes PawfectPals developed its very own Elevated Pet Bed for Indoor Outdoor with Detachable Shade. Rain or shine, the canopy is designed to be removed and added as needed. If your pet needs some shade, with ease you can attach the canopy. If your pet gets so attached, you can remove the canopy and use the bed indoors!

This isn’t worth the hassle of lost screws and the need for tools. PawfectPals very lightweight canopy is easy to assemble with a manual included. No need for tools or screws. With it being easy to put together, it is also easy to take apart. Easily disassemble to pack in your car, luggage, and take it everywhere. We also included a tent bag for your camping, hiking, or general outdoor needs!

The elevation added to the dog bed is scientifically beneficial for your pet. It allows air to flow from every angle and is designed to keep your pet cold or cold. It also offers joint support relief as their joints are not laying on the ground


Dog laying on PawfectPals Pet Bed and Tent



Need Toys to keep your Pets Entertained?

Their entertainment and attention are our number one priority. We were getting tired of our pets chewing up our shoes, so we decided to make the perfect replica! PawfectPals Interactive Squeaky Dog Shoe Toys reduce stress and anxiety. They also make your pet feel as if they’re being devious to your belongings - something they love!


PawfectPals Squeaky shoe toy in all types and colors- High Top Blue, Pink and Sneaker Green and Blue

Maybe they’re feeling playful with food. PawfectPals offers multiple toys which replicate your pets favorite foods. Even those they aren’t supposed to eat!



  • PawfectPals Interactive Squeaky Ice Cream Bucket and Scoop Set for Dogs and Cats

  • Pawfectpals Ice cream scoop toy with squeaky flashing ball


  • PawfectPals Birthday Cupcake Squeaky Toy

    Dog wearing pawfectpals squeaky birthday toy hat


  • PawfectPals Interactive Squeak Dog Chew Toy Breakfast Platter Eggs Bacon Pancake

  • Pawfectpals breakfast squeaky toy with bacon, vegetables, eggs and pancakes

    Maybe your pets are secret geniuses and love interactive toys. Not only do they provide the benefits of exercise, thinking, cognitive behavior, and reduced stress and anxiety, but they make the best surprises for your pet!


  • PawfectPals Interactive Touch Sensitive Fish Toy for Dogs and Cats

  • Pawfectpals Floppy Dancing Fish Toy Silver

                   Pawfectpals Floppy Dancing Fish Toy Orange


  • Pawfect Pals Interactive Hide and Seek Cheese and Mouse Puzzle Toy for All Pets

  • Pawfectpals Hide and Seek Cheese Mouse Toy
  • PawfectPals Interactive Squeaky Puzzle Bear Slipper Set

    Pawfectpals Hide and Seek Bear Slipper Toy   

     Pawfectpals Hide and Seek Bear Slipper Toy



  • PawfectPals Interactive Stuffed Squeaky Chicken Dog Chew Toy Set

  • Pawfectpals squeaky Samgyetang Chicken with ginseng, jujube and root


    Pawfectpals Samgyetang Chicken with Rope and Pull apart leg



  • PawfectPals Interactive Snuffle Mat for Dogs Reduce Stress and Anxiety

  • Pawfectpals snuffle mat

    Make your pets’ day perfect by purchasing any of the products showing them that they are indeed the PawfectPals!


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