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Cast Iron Sukiyaki Dual Handle Casserole Pan with Wood and Glass Cover Lid 28cm

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  • 100% Cast Iron Pan 28cm, Comes with Wooden AND Glass Cover Lids
  • Multi-Functional : Can be used as Sukiyaki pan, Low casserole pot, Skillet, Hot pot and more.
  • Dual handle for easy grip and carry.
  • Excellent heat retention and heats up evenly.
  • Compatible with Gas, Electric, Radiant, Ceramic.


Yummyon Cast Iron Sukiyaki Dual Handle Hot Pot Casserole Pan 28cm - Comes with Wooden AND Glass Cover Lids. 100% Cast Iron Material. RECOMMENDATIONS BEFORE USE: 1. Wash product thoroughly, then apply oil and season pan before use. 2. When using the product, be sure to start with low heat and cook slowly over medium heat. 3. This product is not a storage container. When cooking for a long time, it may be corroded by salt, acid and other food products. 4. Wooden spatula or silicone housing products is recommended as metal utensils may damage the coating surface during cooking. PRECAUTIONS FOR CLEAING: 1. Cast Iron product can rust, so please store after seasoning. 2. Wash thoroughly in hot water with a soft cloth material. 3. Iron scrubbers and metal loose cookware may cause damage to the surface of product so please be careful.