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Pororo Kids Training Chopsticks for Toddler - Edison Non-Slip Right-handed Baby Training for Beginners with Silicone Rings 3 years and up (Pororo)

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  • PORORO Edison Chopsticks is a new concept of patented chopsticks, specially developed for children over 3 years of age who cannot use chopsticks or who do not like them. That`s why Pororo Kids Training Chopsticks make the teaching process enjoyable and fun, playing with favorite Pororo friends.
  • Pororo is a penguin whose curiosity arouses when discovering amazing things and full of playfulness and he wants to accomplish anything he wants to do. Also, he is a mood-maker in Porong village. The character is used to naturally arouse interest in chopsticks.
  • Use of soft silicone material! The middle and gouge rings are made of soft silicone material, so even if you use them for a long time, your children's fingers will not be affected at all.
  • Safe design! All-roll convex embossing is applied to the end to make it easier to pick up food, and the entire product is designed in a round shape for safe use. Obtained European CE certification.
  • How to use: Put your thumb, index finger, and middle finger into each of the holes. Then, practice holding and carrying things by using your forefinger and middle finger with the chopsticks. If children become experienced to use baby chopsticks, step 1 of it is recommended.

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