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PawfectPals Interactive Touch Sensitive Fish Toy with Catnip (Goldfish)

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  • Touch Interaction: Keep your pet entertained with this floppy fish toy with automatic interaction movement. While it is a touch-sensitive toy, this toy will attract the attention of your pets keep them occupied!
  • Reduce Destructive Behavior: Prevents your furry pet from destroying significant items that are not meant to be wrecked in the household. Treat your pet with this fish and they will be too busy with this toy to destroy your household items!
  • 3D Fish Material: This toy is designed to vividly move like a real fish, as well as look like one. It will keep them entertained, as well as you!
  • Safe and Durable: 100% Polyester, Safe, and Non-Toxic. The battery is secured in a tight zipper under the belly of the fish
  • Catnip: Package includes a small bag of catnip. Most cats are attracted to catnip. It will emit fragrance to stimulate your cat's strong interest to play!