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Premium Swing Vacuum / Mop

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* Comes with 2 mop pads and 2 packs of 30 wet sheets.


– Vacuuming+Watermopping cleaning in one time

(Reducing cleaning time, perfect cleaning, electricity saving)

– Vacuuming micro-dust with powerful suction

– Longtime sticked dust also cleaning with powerful water mopping (500 rpm)

– Big capacity(14.4V)of Lithium-ion battery appliedfor continouspowerful cleaning from the beginning to the end.

 – One time charging can makes 20~30 min(vacuum+watermopping) and water mopping for 2 hours

 – Heavy pressure from the product weight(4.4kg) for deep cleaning

– 3 ways swing function for easy handling for operation(very light feeling during cleaning)

 – Clean for dark area with bright 2 LED Lamps.