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Sungbo Cleamy Korean Exfoliating Daily Shower Towel with Crimped Yarn (Set of 3)

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  • Specially Knitted with Crimp yarn, excellent for refreshing massage effects and removal of skin impurities
  • Set of 3- Pink, Blue and Green
  • Material: Nylon, Polyester. Size: approx: 11 in x 35 in
  • Easily wash, scrub and exfoliate your back with this long washcloth towel
  • Made in Korea



Say Goodbye to old skin! Cleamy's unique weaving method makes it easy to remove old dead skin cells and skin impurities. With excellent friction, you can enjoy a refreshing bath with less effort. CAUTION: NOT recommended for facial scrubbing. PLEASE be careful with rubbing hard as it could peel off your skin. NOT recommended for people who have sensitive skin, skin allergies, skin conditions or any other medical conditions regarding the skin. DO NOT put towards heat or fire. AFTER USE: Please rinse and clean thoroughly then let it dry. WHEN WASHING: first time washing, please separately as color may leak or bleed on other clothes. It MAY shrink in size after wash and dry.