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Suntouch Stainless Steel High Powered Portable Gas Stove (ST-10000 White)

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  • Thermal Efficiency: 2.2.55 KW. Gas Consumption: 180g / h ±10%. BTU: 8600. Gas Type: Butane (not included).
  • Auto Exit: Turn off the knob after use to automatically detach the gas container from stove to prevent explosion/ accident.
  • Firepower: Gas nozzle designed to maximize thermal power with small amount of gas. World's first ultra large 95MM high firepower.
  • Design: Stainless Steel body is strong and durable, it prevents corrosion and staining better than most.
  • Perfect for outdoor & indoor cooking, dinner parties and home dining, camping and travel. Korean BBQ and Hotpot is a must!